Premium Gun Cleaner
Our premium gun cleaner blends cleaning agents, corrosion inhibitors and surface treatments and safely penetrates the pores of metal to clean all types of fouling and powder residues. It displaces non-visible moisture, neutralizes fingerprint acids, provides a light lubricating layer to protect against metal to metal wear as well as rust, and yet won't gum up, providing longer lasting protection throughout your firearm. Effective in extreme temperatures, this gun cleaner is manufactured to meet the needs of law enforcement and military gun owners as well as marksmen and hunters. Our product is ideal for the serious shooters. It provides protection for carbon steel and stainless steel barrels and is environmentally safe.

Properly maintaining a handgun is an obvious first step for any firearm owner, and it is absolutely necessary for optimal safety and effectiveness! Performing maintenance is the owner’s best chance to inspect the pistol and its components for excessive wear or internal breakage. Improperly maintained or unmaintained firearms become increasingly less reliable. Lack of reliability could have detrimental consequences if you get a malfunction when using the handgun under any circumstances.

Finally, if done properly and consistently, the entire cleaning process boosts your safe gun-handling techniques that will serve you well in all situations.